What is There To Know About An Orgasm?

There are seven types of orgasms that a woman can experience. Almost every sexually active woman will experience at lease one or all these orgasms throughout their lifetime.

Most men will give a woman a clitoral orgasm and in fact, almost 10% of women have never really experienced an orgasm. Since women can have seven different types of orgasms, let us go through them one by one. Remember it does involve a man too. You can learn how to give your man more pleasure too if you click here.

Below you will find the seven common orgasms that women experience

The clitoral orgasmj645h4

Most women receive and experience this orgasm. It is achieved by stimulation of the clitoris with the finger, mouth, penis head or with other sex toys.

The vaginal Orgasm

This type of orgasm is the best as it will allow the women to feel extreme sexual pleasure and cause, squirting or multiple orgasms.

If a woman frequently experiences this type of orgasm her sexual life will be very satisfied which in turn will make a relationship stronger; This orgasm is achieved by stimulating what is know as the G-spot. Even though the G-spot theory is debated, there are many scientists and doctors who say such an area does exist in the vagina. Also learn about vaginal tightening exercises.

The Squirting Orgasm

A woman has this when her G-spot is stimulated, and the woman experiences a squirting of liquid during an orgasm. This liquid is not urine and will bring the woman much pleasure.

The Anal Orgasm

It can be achieved by using the fingers to massage the G-spot while also stimulating the woman’s anus with a finger.

65hThe Multiple Orgasms

If a woman has more than one climax during sex, this is known as multiple orgasms. It cannot be achieved with a clitoral orgasm as the clitoris will become sensitive to touch after the first orgasm. However, it can easily be achieved through vaginal orgasms. It will bring the woman much pleasure. Have more confidence in bed with the best products for tightening vagina.

The Nipple Orgasm

Many women say that they are aroused when their nipples are being stimulated. A woman with sensitive nipples can, in fact, reach orgasm if her nipples are stimulated rhythmically.

The Mental Orgasm

Some women like to be aroused by a man’s voice. They like to hear arousing words, and this can, in fact, give them quite a lot of pleasure.

Now that you know the types of orgasms a woman can experience, you also need to know that they can be used in combination. A woman’s vagina has thousands of nerve endings which are sensitive to touch. For a great sex experience the man must also play a vital role in understanding how to please a woman.