What Makes a Woman Sexy?

There are many traits in women, which men find irresistible and sexy. And not all of those traits are physical or sexual. Men can find a number of different things about ladies that are attractive. And you may be a woman who does not have the curviest figure, but if you have got those other traits, then you could still be very attractive to a lot of women. In fact, if you are a lady, who wants to be attractive to men, you can work on developing these traits yourself. You would find that these traits are going to help you snag the guy of your dreams.

1. A Sense of Humor

Men find women that know how to laugh really attractive. If a lady knows how to have a sense of humor, then it is a guarantee that guys are going to find her more attractive. Cracking a joke, or laughing at a good one would put any man at ease. And it would be even better if you know how to share a joke with your guy friends. This is because knowing how to laugh or make a joke could allow the guys to know that you are somebody how knows when to relax.

One way that ladies can develop a sense of humor is to know how to tell jokes. Guys love being made to laugh. And if you know how to crack a joke at the right time, then you are sure to make your guy friends more attracted to you. Knowing how to laugh at certain jokes is also an important trait for women. This is because men would appreciate ladies that laugh at their jokes. You can really boost the egos of some men if you laugh at some of their jokes that they would tell you.

2. Adventurous Attitude

woman in mountainWomen that have got a really strong sense of adventure is also another trait that men would find sexy. This is because most guys love the fact that a girl is willing to experience new things or try out new activities. You should not be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone if you want to attract the man of your dreams. It would be better to have a willingness to experience new adventures, especially if you want to appear sexier to men. Guys would be falling all over adventurous girls, as men love women who are willing to try out new things with them. Check out vaginal tightening soap.

Adventurous women are also more willing to try out new things in bed. And most guys would recognize that particular trait in a lot of women. Men would prefer women who are more willing to try out new experiences during sex because men are naturally more sexually adventurous. So if you want to appear irresistible to your current romantic partner, you have got to show them that you are up for new kinds of experiences in bed. They are going to appreciate the fact that you are open to new sexual experiences.


3. Independence

coupleMen also love women that are independent. This is because guys actually are attracted to ladies that show that they are willing to stand on their own. Clinginess and over-dependence are actually turn-offs for most guys. This is because independence is a sign of maturity. And most men would actually prefer to date women that are independent and mature. If you are a lady that wants to show guys that you are someone that is worth dating, you have got to show them that you are a mature woman that is independent.

Independence is also a turn-on for most guys because it would show that the two people in the relationship are on equal standing. If you are someone that is not strong or independent, it would not be sexy for either of you in the relationship. In fact, guys would steadily lose their interest in women who show that they are not as independent or mature as they seem. Ladies have got to learn how to stand on their own if they actually want to be attractive to any guys that they know.

4. Great Smile and Laugh

woman smilingA lady that has a great smile and a nice sounding laugh is going to be huge turn-ons for any guy. This is because a smile says a lot about a person. And if a guy sees that a woman has got a genuine smile, then they are going to very attracted to that particular woman. If you are a woman, who wants to have a better sex appeal, you have got to practice on having a more genuine smile. A genuine and open smile is going to be a huge invitation to any guy that you are attracted to. And you would find it easier to snag the man of your dreams if you have a great smile, and a nice laugh to back your smile up with as well. Read also Cleaning method of healthy vagina.

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