6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem in Bed

Being confident in bed might sound easy, but it can be hard work that often takes great efforts. Feeling sexually confident is not about looking good naked, it’s all about feeling comfortable with yourself, so here are easy ways to help boost your self-esteem in bed:

confidenceLearn to love your body

Keeping your body sexy is strongly correlated with good sexual performance and maximum satisfaction. Be sure to do what it takes to get connected with your body. For instance, if you’ve got a favorite dress that makes the most of all of your curves or a pair of jeans that makes you look sexy — find the best lubes for vagina, get yourself all gussied up in what you like most. Well, tap into whatever strategies work best for you.

Be honest

You’ve got to think why you want sex and try to speak up and let your man know before getting into a sensual experience. Be honest with him about your motivations as well as desired outcomes. Feeling empowered, asking for what you want and listening to his needs will certainly make you a better woman and augment your sexual self-esteem. In fact, this will help you steer clear of being pushed beyond your comfort zone, and will definitely create room for communication to talk through a solution to your sensual awareness. Read on and you will find more things that you can enhance as a woman.

Enjoy your natural sense of humor

Even though communication is the basic element of a great sex life, you also need a healthy sense of humor that holds it together in the hardest moments. When sex doesn’t go as planned, it can be a serious issue, nevertheless looking on the lighter side of things will certainly help you relieve the anxiety and boost self-confidence in bed.


self esteemLove yourself

This strategy implies that a woman should know what she wants by giving herself what she wants. For example, when you’re new lovers, there’s a lot to learn about how he takes his pleasure. This will undoubtedly make things easier for both of you when you know exactly what gets you off and what you want.

Ask him for the positive feedback

All human beings need positive reinforcement, more so when it comes to sex. Generally, communication styles in a relationship often vary. Don’t just lie back and enjoy the fruits of his labour but overtly sing his praises. In case you’re not getting the extol you deserve or need, don’t shy to tell your lover to step it up.

Accept to learn new things

Every individual has a unique set of wants and limitations; therefore it’s obvious that every new lover will present a fresh course in sex. Never let yourself be discouraged if you feel you have a lot to learn. Don’t think it’s abnormal when you sometimes wonder what to do to seduce your man, keep him coming or rev his engine; you’re perfectly alright. Basically, accepting to learn is a simple way of keeping yourself in good company, and accepting that there’s nothing like a sexual mind-reader can greatly help to boost your confidence in bed.

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