Pregnancy, Are There Short Term and Long Term Effects?

The idea of getting pregnant is great, especially if you are expecting your first child. However, the joy Is often short-lived when you start to experience the effects of pregnancy. To women, pregnancy comes with a lot of transformations, be it body wise, psychological wise, social wise or emotional wise. Sometimes, these changes may bounce back on you. In this article, we are going to be looking at the short term and long term effects of pregnancy. Enjoy Reading.


Top 3 Long term effects

1. Bladder dropping

In women, the vaginal walls tend to be supported by the bladder. During childbirth, it happens that a lot of stress is put on the wall and this tends to cause long term damage. The vaginal wall is expected to cave back with time, but this may not always be the case as, at times, the bladder can drop into the vagina.

pregnant-woman-in-blue2. Varicose veins

When veins are subjected to high pressure or weight for long terms, they tend to constrict, enlarge or get gnarled. This abnormal change is what is called varicose veins. Varicose veins mostly affect the legs and feet. As a result of heavy pregnancy, one may end up having mild to severe varicose veins.

3. High blood pressure

Pregnancies often come with a lot of emotions. These range from happy moods to sad feelings. In addition to that, the pregnancy may cause fats to be deposited on the veins, and this can result in high blood pressure.

Top 3 Short term effects

1. Stretch marks

Stretch marks have resulted from regular expansion and contraction of the skin. When you carry the pregnancy, your skin tends to be stretched to the limits. After the pregnancy is over, you may realize that you have stretch marks. With proper nutrition and care, they can be eradicated.

pregnant-woman-lying-down2. Cavities and osteoporosis- loss dental and bone calcium

Pregnancy calls for the formation of a newborn. As a result, mothers tend to be drained off essential elements from their body. All natural vaginal tightening gel women are advised to take calcium-rich foods like bone soup. At times, this may not be readily available. The body is subjected to derive the nutrients from the mother, and this may end up causing cavities and osteoporosis. Taking calcium-rich foods may reverse this condition.

3. Weight gain and redistribution

There has always been thought of a relationship to exist between pregnancy and weight gain. Since women are advised to take nutritious foods, the body may end up putting reserves. Besides that, a woman who is expectant happens to take in more food owing to the constant demand from the growing baby. These reserves typically come as fat and adipose tissues. This, in turn, results in a general increase in size and weight distribution.


The Bottom Line

It’s true that’s pregnancy can cause some long term and short term side effects. However, there is no clear cut as to whether one will get the side effects or not. Most of the pregnancy side effects can be avoided. V tight gel how to apply, It’s always advised you keep consulting your doctor during and after your pregnancy as they will recommend what’s right for you.