Is my Vaginal Discharge Normal?

Vaginal discharge is a normal phenomenon for all women who are between puberty and menopause. It is a small amount of fluid that flows through a lady’s vagina, and it takes any old cells with it. Vaginal discharge is paramount for the women because it helps to clean the vagina. It also helps to keep the vagina lubricated and free from different types of infections. When the discharge is irregular, however, it can be a sign of a problem.

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The normal vaginal discharge is supposed to be milky white or clear fluid, and it should not have a bad smell. During specific times in the menstrual cycle or when a woman is breastfeeding, the fluid appears to be thick. When a woman is sexually aroused, the vaginal discharge changes too. The thickness of the discharge varies from one person to the other.

What things can change the vaginal discharge?

Several things can change the normal vaginal discharge. What does it take to make your vagina tighter? Doctors say that anything that changes a woman’s hormones or the menstrual cycle can also affect the vaginal discharge. When a woman is pregnant, stressed, breastfeeding, taking birth control pills or ovulating, the discharge can change. Douching, use of antibiotics, regular use of feminine hygiene products that have scents and dyes, as well as infections can upset the PH of the vagina, and this can change the normal vaginal discharge.

When is the vaginal discharge abnormal?

When you notice any changes in your vaginal discharge, you should know that there is a problem. Most women will experience a change in the color, odor and even the consistency of the vaginal discharge when there is a problem. Most of the times, these changes indicate a vaginal infection, and action should be taken immediately. The color of the discharge can also become whiter than usual, and in some cases, it might take a greenish or yellowish tint. When the discharge has a fishy smelling discharge, it might indicate that they have an infection too. Significant amounts of discharge can also indicate a problem. Go to this link if you want to find out more.

When should I see my doctor?

As soon as you notice any changes in your vaginal discharge, it is crucial to see your gynecologist. Many women get vaginal infections now and then. If you notice that the discharge is changing its color or having a strange smell, the chances of having an infection are high. It is vital to treat an infection immediately before it gets worse. The doctor will advice you on the right and safe medication or give you some home treatment plans to help cure the infection. It is not advisable to self- diagnose or buy over the counter medication. You might end up making the situation worse or ignoring the real problem.


Any changes in the normal vaginal discharge can be intimidating to a woman. However, when you know what to expect, the whole ordeal is not too scary. It is, however, important to keep the vagina healthy by eating a balanced diet and maintaining a proper hygiene.