5 Ways To Have Better Sex With Your Partner

improved love makingOver the course of the relationship, partners might not find sex as thrilling as when they were younger. The flames that were there fizzled, and there is no sexual urge in the bedroom anymore. This leaves both partners very frustrated and unhappy. If your sex desire has diminished, you and your partner need to ignite the old flames if you’re going to save that marriage. In this article, we will give you tips on how to have better sex with your partner.

Foreplay matters

Whoever said the end of something is better than its beginning never had a chat with women about the significance of foreplay. Foreplay is especially important for women as they take longer time to get aroused. Foreplay serves both a physical and emotional purpose, helping to prepare both the mind and the body for sex(www.vwhcare.com). Most ladies need to be hugged, kissed and caressed in order to create lubrication in their vagina, which is essential for better sex. You don’t have to start in the bedroom. You can start in the kitchen while doing after-dinner-clean-up. Or while watching TV.

lasting relationshipExperiment more

Try something you have never done before. This does not have to involve weird things. Make his night and drive him wild with new sex positions. The amount of pleasure that variety in positions bring can make your partner look forward to something new whenever you make love. Sex is all about love and intimacy, so whilst the sex positions are part of the fun, the actual payoff is the way different maneuvers enable you to explore each other in various ways. Discover the safest natural vaginal tightening online.

Enhance your libido

If you find you are willing to sleep everyday rather than have sex with your partner, your sex drive may need a boost.  But that doesn’t mean you need to get libido-boosting pills. Get your woman excited in bed all it takes is adding a few foods into your diet. Foods such as broccoli, cloves, figs, watermelons, black raspberry, eggs, and ginseng can turn your sex life from bad to better, since they trigger your passion in the bedroom. Research has shown that women who eat chocolate regularly perform better in bed. Serotonin, a substance found in chocolate, has been proven to boost mood and provide energy.



If your sex life is boring, it is because you are not discussing your likes and dislikes with your partner. You can’t be expected to read your spouse’s mind, just as your spouse cannot expect to read yours. This can be achieved through verbal communication or can be done by physically taking your partner’s hand and moving it. If you’re shy about this, you can use movies and books to communicate your needs. Often times, what you want done in bed is not being done simply because your spouse is clueless. If your partner knows what you like and what you don’t, then you can be certain he/she will please you.

Most couples struggle with sex at some point because they are too stressed, tired, or simply not interested in sex anymore or maybe your vagina isn’t tight as before? Where can I get v tight gel? Whatever the reasons are, these tips will help spice up your sex life.