A Modern Review of the Karma Sutra: Does it Really Work?

ancient book relationshipsYou may have heard of it as just being about the sex positions. You might have heard about it from your friends who have said, “Hey man, go try out these sex positions from the Karma Sutra. They’re intense.” Whichever way that you have heard about the karma sutra, you may perceive it as being another sex manual to do weird and fun sex positions with your partner.

This is not entirely true.

In this article, we are going to go through what karma sutra is, and whether this ancient text manual does work in any shape or form.

So What is Karma Sutra?

For those who do not understand, Karma Sutra is a way of life. The book is based on how to live a gracious life and the kind of relationships that you have with your wife and your family.

There are topics that are discussed in the book such as family, relationships, the nature of love and natural birth. This book also addresses the pleasure oriented faculties of human life. This is partly why this book discusses sex because sex is considered to be a major pleasure faculty of life, especially for a male.

That’s great and all, but how do these topics on relationships, family, and faculties fit into how to have better sex with my partner?

Clearly, there are a lot of men who have been too busy finding Karma Sutra porn videos on Porn Hub or You Porn to understand this. Karma Sutra is about living a great life; having sex is part of living a great life. See also vaginal tightening exercise.

What people have to understand here is that Karma Sutra teaches you about all aspects of life, not just the ones that are involved in the bedroom. Once you have understood that properly, then you can get to the meanings of the text overall.


What’s Contained in this Book?

sex positions chartHere are the seven sections which are in the book.

  1. General remarks about life e.g. family, relationships, acquisition of knowledge.
  2. Amorous Advances/Sexual Union. This is the chapter that teaches you to make love. Has 64 sex positions.
  3. Acquiring a wife.
  4. Duties and privileges of a wife.
  5. Other men’s lives.
  6. About Courtesans.
  7. Occult Lovers.

What Have other People said about the Book?

two girls reading bookPeople have said that the book’s lessons do work. However, many have said that for the Karma Sutra to work, this requires the man to understand the books teachings such as knowledge of a female partner’s pleasures and how to communicate with women in a certain way. The man has to also understand that the woman will never be satisfied until they give it to them in the form of pleasure, the woman will never be satisfied.

On the other hand, the woman has to understand that this is not a book about submission. This is about receiving pleasure and learning how to have a great relationship with a man and the family.

Final Verdict

The Karma Sutra clearly works. It is a great guide for men and women to have a better relationship with not just each other, but with other people. It requires a lot of understanding of the teachings, but once you understand the teachings, the Karma Sutra comes to life.

We hope we had you entertained! Please also check out what’s the best vinegar for vaginal tightening.