Does Having a Tighter Vagina Give You Improved Orgasms?

Does a Tight Vagina Enhance your Orgasm?

Many women feel that having a tight vagina is very important to their sexual pleasure and the intensity of their orgasm.  It is believed that it heightens the pleasure for their partner and enhances the sensations for them too.

But not all of us are fortunate enough to have a wonderfully tight vagina.  If this is the case for you, don’t worry about it – this isn’t your fault!  It can be a genetic factor but the most common cause of a loose vagina is childbirth, as the vagina is stretched.  If you are querying whether sensations are heightened thanks to a tighter vagina, then you would be right in thinking that yes, this is absolutely the case.  If you are seeking this then help is at hand, you just have to continue reading.

Studies have shown that being tighter increases sensations because the sensation that you feel is in your muscles and you are much more able to feel between the penis on your vagina walls, which stimulates you more and in a greater manner.  Isn’t friction a wonderful thing?  This is also beneficial for the male, too, as a tighter vagina makes a man feel bigger than he perhaps actually is and gives him the reassurance that he is penetrating and satisfying his woman effectively and well.  If you would like to discover more about this specific area, then please click here.

It’s common knowledge that men prefer to have sex with younger women.  But why is this so common?  Well, quite simply, men believe that younger women have tighter vaginas and would, therefore, satisfy them more thoroughly and please them more.  But this is not always the case and not all young women have tight vaginas!  A tight vagina enables a couple to get much closer to each other making the experience of lovemaking so much more intimate.

A woman with a tight vagina will have increased confidence in herself and her sexual abilities, and she will feel more attractive to men than a woman with a looser vagina.  If you have had children vaginally, finding a way to increase the tightness of your vagina will renew and change your lovemaking and the satisfaction you gain from it.  We know that there are very limited ways in which to tighten your vagina and that the most common of which is to go for surgery, but there are risks with this, just as there are with having any form of operation which medics are duty bound to inform you of.

The latest and most popular, non-intrusive technique, trending for tightening the vagina, is women who are using herbal creams.  These aid in the tightening of the pelvic muscles so that vagina contracts.  Because childbirth is actually classed as a vaginal trauma, it could tear, have its muscles or tissues damage during the birthing process.  Herbal creams enable the vagina to repair itself and help you on your journey towards getting your vagina back into the same shape that it was before you had children and perhaps even better shape.

We guarantee you that your sexual pleasure will intensify as your vagina tightens, and your partner will benefit from this, too.  He will receive a much stronger orgasm, as well, and an increase in his pleasure, satisfaction, and fulfillment.  So the secret is out…women…find the best solution for you to get a tighter vagina and enjoy sex more.

Can a vagina ever be too tight?

To cut a long story short, NO!  Almost no vagina is ever too tight for sexual intercourse.  If you experience discomfort or pain from sex position, it is not at all likely that it will be because your vagina is too small or too tight.  It actually just means that you need a little more preparation or stimulation prior to penetration.  This is nothing to worry about either.

When the vagina is unaroused, on average it is three to four inches long, so certain penises or sex toys may seem daunting when you do the math.  But cleverly, the vagina actually increases in its length and width when arousal occurs, as well as self-lubricating for increased ease of penetration.  The vagina gets itself ready to receive a penis when it is stimulated in the correct matter.  The vagina grows in order to prevent the penis or sex toy from knocking the cervix which many women find uncomfortable (though, yes, some find this action pleasurable).  Some women find it easy to increase their comfort during sex by increasing the time they spend doing foreplay, which increases the lubrication of the vagina, enhancing its size and reducing or erasing any pain which may have been your problem.  Other women prefer to do something that will specifically relax them prior to sex, like taking a long, hot bath which will increase their blood flow and stimulate them, too.

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How does the vagina change post-baby?

Vaginas change in shape to accommodate for the birthing process, but it can and will return to its original size.  Don’t panic!  Okay, post vaginal delivery, you may not feel that your vagina is the same as your pre-baby vagina, and to be fair it probably isn’t.  But this doesn’t mean that having changed shape, that it cannot still be tight.

The vaginas genetic makeup means that it alters its shape and elasticity over the period of a woman lifetime.  Really, we just kind of have to go with the flow to some degree, as this is a very natural process.  But you can help your sexual pleasure intensity and your partners too, by trying new positions in the bedroom and doing pelvic floor exercise as well, to improve strength and tightness of your vagina.  As an added bonus, it will also improve your bladder tone at the same time, always great if you’ve recently had a baby.


Every single one of us is different, therefore every single vagina is different, so there is no such thing as normal!  What works for one woman or what is normal for one woman may not be so for you.  The best person for knowing your body is you!  You know your normal.  If sex is uncomfortable or just simply does not feel right, then stop, find a solution, change position, lubricate, stimulate, and try again.  Sex should be a pleasurable thing and you deserve the best!  A little experimentation in the bedroom can be exciting, too, so a great excuse to find the best vaginal tightening cream that works best for you.

Does your diet affect your vagina?

It is well-known that eating well is good for the body but have you ever associated the food that you eat with the health of your vagina?  If you want to increase the strength and tightness of your vagina think about the food you are consuming.  Foods that are protein-rich, carbohydrates, high in minerals and vitamins, like fruit and veg, are very productive in tightening and strengthening your vagina.  This is because these foods increase muscle health, regeneration and strength.  Not only are these food beneficial for your body holistically but also specifically for your vaginal health, too. Discover here the vaginal tightening home remedies.

Exercises to help tighten

Many women have noted that pelvic floor exercises are very beneficial to tightening their vaginas and therefore increasing their orgasm intensity.  Specific pelvic floor regimes, such as Kegel exercises, are often preferred, as they are easy to undertake and can occur anywhere.  They are pain-free and require no risky medical intervention.  All you need to do to partake in Kegel exercises is to start and stop the flow of urine midstream.  When you stop, hold the muscles for a certain period of time and then release them again, making sure that you keep repeating this. This will not help you if you only do it once, so make it part of your routine and it will soon become second-nature to you. Most women who use Kegel exercises to strengthen their vagina, do so throughout the day with no thought as to where they are and often forget that they are even doing it, it becomes so natural to them.  This is guaranteed to increase your pelvic strength and maintain it if you can keep up the exercises.

Cut to the chase

If you are wanting to tighten your vagina, there are multiple approaches you can take in order to do so and the choice of which is solely up to you.  Yes, there are medical approaches but they are usually intrusive.  So, if you want to strengthen your vagina then why not try one these non-intrusive techniques and see if it spices up your sex life, too.