Do Pineapples Change the Way Your Vagina Smells?

header image of pineappleEver since we found out that lovemaking, sometimes, involves going down on each other it implicitly gave us this mindset that we also need to properly groom ourselves down there.

Cunnilingus is a very pleasurable act. One that just begs the question, “How can I make him do it more often?”

To solve the question, women found ways to present their lady bits in a more appealing manner. They learned to shave their lady parts, which is actually irritating and itchy, especially when the hairs begin growing out again. Some extreme females even take it to the next level and do Brazilian waxes. This is excruciatingly painful and unnecessary.

Woman and Partner in bedroomAll of these rituals are just part of a plan to have more tongue action down there.

However, there is also another way to attract one’s partner to visit the vag more often and that is by making it taste better and sweeter like something that is actually intended to be eaten.

The natural taste of a healthy female’s sexual organ, according to, is not sour but somewhat astringent given that it is actually acidic. So, making the depressed vagina taste better is a really great game plan. Of course, your partner would love to serve to your pleasure but to have a sweet treat while doing you is surely a bonus.

How to change the taste of your vag?

One way to supposedly better your vagina’s taste is by eating pineapples.

Tons of articles, anecdotes, and videos are floating around the internet pointing to the pineapple as the key to a sweeter vag.

But how is that possible?

smiley face on the crotch

Ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat”? Well this is the best example or proof to that. According to Timaree Schmit, a sexologist, the food that we eat and drink have a direct and significant influence on the taste of our seminal and vaginal fluids.

As it turns out, that white substance that we release after sex is more than just a by-product of intense and passionate lovemaking. It is also indicative of our overall health condition. We can see the effects of what the body takes in by looking at what it releases, Dr. Schmit says.

If your diet is heavy on beer, meat, soft drinks, and coffee expect your “juices” to have a bitter taste which might elicit a not-so-positive rating with your partner. If your goal is to have better-tasting “juices”, chug more water and add more fruits to your diet.

Citrus fruits, especially the pineapple have been widely associated with sweeter-tasting genitals. Even some married women admitted that they underwent the “pineapple diet” in preparation for their wedding night, while men are also chugging cans of pineapple juices ahead of a beej in hopes that this will improve the taste and smell of their own personal “juices”.

Proofs and Evidence:

Model in the bedPineapples, blueberries, mango, cucumber, and celery have all been featured in anecdotes claiming that they help produce better and mild-tasting cum.

One couple did an experiment. For journalistic purposes, as they came to call it, Rachel Kona, a writer, and her boyfriend went and experimented the effects of various foods on their personal fluids.

According to their experiment, consumption of large amounts of pineapple juice over three days made a significant and pleasurable change on the taste of her boyfriend’s semen. However, their report also said no significant change in the taste nor smell of Kona’s vagina.

There is also a food website called Pork and Gin who made six couples eat pineapples and have oral sex for one week. Their little experiment came out with results saying that those participants who ate 200 grams of pineapple did have sweeter tasting cum.

Now, before you head out to your local grocer and get your hands on to some pineapples. These are what experts and doctors have to say about vaginal laser tightening.

According to one of the most recognizable daytime TV personalities, Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Everything you eat changes the smell and the taste down there — everything.”

Lady holding pineappleHe also said that pineapples, per se, isn’t better than other fruits and vegetables when it comes to changing the taste of the female genitalia but it does make a significant difference in the person’s aroma.

More experts weigh in on the topic. Buzzfeed Health interviewed Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, a sex therapist. According to her, our bodily fluids which include saliva, sweat, and vaginal secretions can all be affected by the kind of diet and lifestyle that we lead.

She says that better-tasting nether regions depend more on the kind of lifestyle that we actually have and not just binge-eating on pineapples prior to the sexual encounter.

There are endless resources that you can read and watch saying that pineapples help to change the taste of your vagina but Dr. Oz has more sound advice for vaginal tightening lube.

His advice is a sustainable, realistic diet that is not entirely reliant on pineapples.

The first thing to do, Dr. Oz says, is to keep a balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. He says that how we smell and taste down, there is more likely to resemble the things that we consume more than the things that we don’t.


Model with pineapple juiceA diet heavy on the coffee, red meat, and garlic are more likely to produce genital secretions which are pungent. He also mentions that bodily fluids from smokers and non-smokers have a significant difference.

So, in the end, will eating pineapple change the smell and taste of your vagina?

Eating pineapples can certainly help in producing sweeter “juices” but it should definitely be considered as an instant solution or wherein you just chug a can of pineapple juice and you’re ready to go.

It seems that great tasting vaginas are also an indication of how well you take care of your body. As the experts say, it is still best to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

They also do not recommend using a feminine wash. Even though these are said to make your vag smell like a paradise island it may also cause infection which makes things less appealing. Better to just stick to the good ‘ol soap and water.