Can Having a Caesarean Section Help Avoid a Loose Vagina?

C sectionEvery woman wants to be in good health and shape, and this includes her nether regions also. However, time and some events in your life bring out changes in your body that you may not like. Vaginal looseness becomes a problem for many women in their high age. But, even some younger women experience this problem due to varied reasons and the main reason is giving birth. Actually it is not the vagina that loses but it is the pelvic-floor muscles that have faced changes.

Child Birth and Vaginal Looseness

While giving birth your vaginal walls get stretched to extremes that it may take nearly 6 months to heal up fully and go back to its original tightness. However, childbirth alone does not contribute to this problem. Birth, along with other causes may lead to this problem. The ability of the vagina to go back to its original tightness depends mainly on the woman’s age. Women who are in their late teens or early twenties will not have a problem, but those above 30 or 40 will feel it’s hard to get their genitalia back in shape. The reason for this is that, natural aging takes over the woman’s body and in results the vagina as well as the vaginal floor muscles start to sag and loosen.

If you often stretch these body parts too much, it will be a bit difficult for it to recover to its natural form. Women, who have multiple births in a short period of time, may experience a loosening problem. This is because the vagina is stretched over a great deal of time when you are pregnant and with multiple births this can be consistently stretched for years at a time.  If you’re looking to tighten it back after this just check out our homepage at for more information.

Does loose vagina cause of birth? The more childbirths a woman has, the higher risk for her for getting loose. A woman’s body as it ages produces less estrogen. Estrogen plays a major role in the regeneration after birth. When estrogen production becomes less, you will have problems like vaginal loosening, find out where can I get v tight gel and return the normal state of your vagina.


Caesarian Section Delivery

walls that can be tightenedToday, many women choose to go in for C-section procedure because they want to retain the tightness of their vagina. This is because they feel a looseness during intercourse after childbirth. This feeling is not due to the vagina but it is caused by the pelvic floor muscles. The vaginal tightness comes from these muscles that cover around the vaginal canal. During pregnancy, women have to support the weight of the growing baby and this is done by these muscles. After a caesarean delivery the vagina may look the same from the outside, but on the inside the pelvic floor muscles have been stretched like a rubber band for 9 months.

However, some doctors believe that having a caesarian section procedure delivery will help avoid vaginal looseness. They base their belief on studies that show that even after two years of giving birth, some women who have delivered vaginally had significantly lower pelvic floor muscle strength than those who had delivered by C-section. But, the same doctors say caesarian sections can make vaginal intercourse more painful, and there is greater risk of surgical scarring around your uterus and you are more vulnerable to infection.

So, whether a woman gives birth vaginally or by C-section, the strain on the vaginal floor muscles are caused by pregnancy and not the type of delivery.

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