Best Ways to Get a Woman Excited in Bed

How To Get Women Excited In Bed and Improve Your Sex Life

Humans are naturally sexual beings, no matter what their gender or sexual preferences is. Women are not excluded from this as they too love sex, despite the fact that we often believe the opposite.

Many things in our society will claim that women are just not as sexual as men, that they are not willing to try anything new and in some cases, sex is something that women feel as though they need to do. Not only is this all wrong, but it is also quite sad too. Women can enjoy sex just as much as men and they deserve to receive the same level of pleasure as their partners.

However many women do not get to enjoy the sex they are having due to the fact their partners may not know the best ways to please them.

In order to help your partner enjoy sex as much as she deserves and as much as you undoubtedly do, you need to understand her body and how it performs. Typically men are not educated on the complex inner workings of the female body, leaving their partners unsatisfied everytime they have sex together because they simply do not know what they are doing.

This is nothing to be ashamed of and you are in the right place if you are looking to improve you and your partner’s sex life.

The biggest thing men and women need to understand about female arousal is the fact it can take time. Unlike men, who can become fully aroused at the mere sight of their partner’s naked body, women take time and their arousal is a gradual process.

You both need to allow time for your partner’s excitement and arousal to grow, as it can be a slow process that needs a lot of stimulation. Women can often be more unwilling to allow themselves to feel pleasure and to get fully into the sex they are having, due to the shame and misconceptions in our society surrounding female pleasure.

You need to be patient and willing to put the work in if you want to improve both you and your partner’s sex life.

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Sex isn’t just a physical act

Although most of our attention during sexual intercourse is on the physical elements there is so much more to it than that, especially for women.

The mental and emotional elements of sex can be just as important as the physical sides to women due to the fact it takes them longer to become fully aroused. Where men can become aroused quickly and receive immediate pleasure from physical, sexual acts women need total stimulation to receive the same good feelings.

You can emotionally stimulate your partner during sex or foreplay by telling her how you feel, what you’re experiencing and how much you care for her.

Whispering these things into your partner’s ear during foreplay and intercourse is a great way to get her excited and help her arousal to grow.

Mental stimulation can be a great turn on for both of you if you include it into your sex. Tell her what you’re doing, what you’re going to do and how it’s going to feel for both you and her.

Talking about actions, positions, and touches can be so exciting and arousing for both of you but it is a particularly big turn on for women. Your partner can imagine and fantasize about what you’re going to do as you do it for both physical and mental pleasure.



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Sex is about the connection

The biggest and most important factor in sex is the connection. Despite the fact sex is most commonly associated with climax and orgasm, this actually isn’t the only purpose of the act. Having sex with your partner is all about creating a physical and emotional connection between the two of you.

An issue with a lot of men is the fact they lose sight of this factor and instead become too focused on reaching their own orgasm. In some cases, some men will be so focused on reaching their own climax that they can often forget about the pleasure and enjoyment of their partner completely and the unique magic of sex itself.

It is so important for you to make your partner feel special during sex, almost as though this time of connection is bringing you together as one. You need to let her know that every movement, every thrust and every touch is not just for you to reach your climax but for her too. This whole act is about bringing both of you closer to one another and feeling amazing together. See also vaginal tightening procedures.

You should make your partner feel as though you are helping her reach orgasm just as much as you are trying to reach your own. Keep checking in with her during foreplay and sex, asking questions like ‘does this feel good?’ and ‘do you like this?’ The questions do not have to be complex and you do not have to focus so much on checking in with her that you lose sight of your pleasure, but having an open line of communication is so important and will certainly improve the sex you have.

Checking in with what your partner likes will ensure that all of the work you are putting in is actually worth it. Asking questions is a valuable thing to do, especially if your partner is particularly quiet during sex. You want to encourage her to open up with you and share what she enjoys so you both receive the pleasure you deserve.

Spice it up to keep things fresh

An issue for couples who have been together for a long time is keeping their sex life alive. Couples who have been together for a while often report that their sex becomes less frequent and less exciting over time.

This is understandable of course. If you having the same kind of sex, in the same places and positions, it can become more of a habit and less exciting. A lack of interest in sex this way does not mean that you or your partner care for another any less now than you did at the beginning of your relationship, but rather that you just need to mix things up.

In long-term relationships, you need to be willing to try new things, in all areas of your relationship but particularly in the bedroom. Keeping your sex life fresh and exciting does not have to be an intimidating ordeal. Small acts like introducing sex toys into the bedroom or watching porn together can be enough to spice up the sex you are having and refresh the connection between you and your partner.

Of course, you need to be willing to talk to your partner about what you want to try and this is a conversation that you should keep open throughout your relationship.

By talking about what you want to try during sex you can learn more about one another’s boundaries and turn-ons – it is this information that will contribute to the improvement of your sex life.

Communication is so important in sex. For example, if you decide to bring a third party home in an attempt to spice up your sex life, but have never discussed this possibility with your partner than this act could be more of a hindrance than a help to your sex and relationship.

Knowing how to be good in bed, so you can bring ultimate pleasure to yourself and your partner, isn’t something that happens overnight. Normally learning how to be good at sex so you can satisfy your partner is an ongoing thing and is an act you will get better at over time.

Maintaining an open and honest line of communication with your partner both inside and outside the bedroom is an excellent way to help improve the pleasure you are able to give and receive. You have to be willing to be patient with one another and trust yourselves as sex is an ongoing part of a relationship that is constantly improving.

If you are really struggling with helping your partner receive the pleasure she deserves and requires, trying something new in the bedroom is a sure-fire way to spice things up. Life is all about new experiences and your sex life is no different. Many couples like to try something new, do you know tight vaginal gives better orgasm? Something that maybe others would consider being a bit ‘kinky’ in an attempt to make their sex better and more interesting.

Trying something new can often give couples a new lease of life in the bedroom and will help their intercourse feel fresh and exciting, almost like the first time all over again! Finding something new that turns both you and your partner on is a wonderful way to restart your connection and make you feel closer to one another again.