The 3 Best Sex Positions for Women

The Three Best Sex Positions For Women’s Orgasm and Pleasure

The female orgasm can sometimes seem like the most exclusive bedroom secret in our society. There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the female climax that it can often feel rarer for a woman to experience orgasm than it would be to spot a pink hippo out in the wilderness!

Apparently, only a small percentage of women actually experience orgasms during their sexual acts – 57% claims Cosmopolitan magazine. This figure only gets lower when we look into vaginal penetration.

So many women across the country are experiencing unsatisfactory sex because they believe that they cannot do any better or because their partners don’t understand how their bodies work. But every woman has it in her to receive amazing, pleasurable orgasms. They just need to be more willing to let themselves reach that point and educate their partners on what helps them get there.

All it really takes is a bit of practice and creativity in our sexual routines and habits and orgasm can be reached by anyone!

Don’t let anyone tell you that women cannot experience orgasm, even if it is partly due to counter creams for loose vagina and special exercises. Just like everybody else out there with sexual organs and desires, women are more than capable of reaching orgasm and experiencing amazing and powerful pleasure. You simply need to be patient with yourself, be honest with your partner about what you like and be willing to try new things.

We typically tend to stick to our favorite or the most easy-to-get into positions when we have sex with our partners, as we often just want to get on with the good bit without any hassle. But if you haven’t experienced an orgasm from these positions, actions or touches before then chances are you won’t experience it anytime soon either if you continue.

If you are one of these unfortunate women who has only ever read about female orgasm in romance novels or seen it performed in porn but has not experienced it for themselves yet then fear not! All you need is a little bit more experience and a willingness to try new things.

There are countless different sexual positions you can do with your partner to try and discover a new level of pleasure, all ranging in complications and accessibility. If you are looking to ascertain sexual tension and get your kicks, here are three of the best positions that are simple enough for anyone to try.

 Pillow Talk

Who knew that something as simple as a pillow could entirely revolutionize one of the most basic sex positions around?

For many women, the missionary position is one that doesn’t induce much excitement. As one of the most basic and simply sex positions, the missionary can be seen as quite boring to most women. It can bring up sexual frustrations as they think about being forced to stare at the ceiling beyond their partner’s shoulders, dreaming about your to-do list or lastest shopping position, as he works away above you. It can be dull and doesn’t really allow for closeness. It some cases it can be seen as a necessity, as an easy way to have sex and move on.

couple in bed

However, bringing in a pillow can be a simple but effective way to spice up this position. Assume missionary position and grab yourself a comfortable and full pillow or cushion to place underneath your gluts or backside.

Not only does this add more comfort and support to your body during sex, but it should raise your body off the bed to enable deeper penetration and more pleasure to both you and your partner.

To guarantee extra depth, wrap your legs around your partner’s body and pull him close. It’ll make him go deeper and feel even better for both of you.

As it is more difficult for women to reach orgasm from penetration alone, with this position the clitoris can be easily accessed and gently worked by you or your partner at the same time as he thrusts in and out of you.

The Folding Chair



The Folding Chair is yet another pleasurable spin on the missionary that will surely spice up your sex!

For this position, however, you need to get your legs moving. Keep them somewhat stiff and straight, and place the bottom half of your legs onto your partner’s shoulders as he thrusts in and out of you. This position gets its name from the movements during intercourse which makes your body feel similar to a folding chair as it bends in motion.

If you are feeling more flexible and frisky, keep your legs in the same position but lift them from his shoulders and back towards your body. Your legs will be above your head, your feet more towards your face with your body tightly bent – taking the folding chair even further.

As it can be harder to reach the clitoris in this position, maybe keep this one for the grand finale. Your partner will be able to thrust deeper into you, bringing amazing pleasure to the both of you of your climax comes closer.

The combination of a deeper thrust and greater pressure is certainly very arousing and this is a popular position for women’s orgasm.

Brace yourself though, this is the deepest your partner will ever get inside of you. It makes you feel close, more aroused and like he’s gotten bigger overnight! (He hasn’t though, sorry ladies.)


For some women, there is nothing sexier than being on top and in control of your own pleasure. Being on top in the cowgirl position gives you ultimate control over all aspects of the intercourse, with the ability to dictate thrusting speed, entry-level and exactly what vaginal walls he hits.

To perform, simply climb on top, slowly slide onto him and gradually begin moving up and down in submission. As you get into more of a routine, you can increase your speed and even begin to roll your hips for deeper pleasure.

It is normal to lean forward in this position, to be close to your partner as your work on top, but try to set yourself up straight. Keep your back straight in a perpendicular position to your partner’s body and then lean back for deeper penetration.

Leaning back while being on top can allow your partner to enter deeper into you and offers simple and easy access for either of you to reach the clit for constant stimulation. The combination of clitoral stimulation and penetration can result in an intense, powerful orgasm.

Our Final Note

There are so many different sexual positions and stimulations that you can try with your partner to reach orgasm. But it doesn’t matter how complex the position is, how fast or slow you go or whatever else you have going on – if you don’t stimulate the clitoris then you aren’t going to reach orgasm.

Penetration alone isn’t enough to help you climax, no matter how deep or pleasurable it can be, and many women require constant and a deepening stimulation of their clit during sex to come even close to orgasm.

The clit is the only part of the human body that is designed solely for pleasure and women are lucky enough to have such easy access to these amazing feelings whenever they feel the need. It seems like such a waste to not include this sexual organ in our sexual experiences when this is surely the main purpose! Including clitoris stimulation into your sex life is not merely an encouragement or suggestion, but a requirement for you to experience the pleasure you so desperately deserve and want.


The best ways for women to reach orgasm, and feel the extremes of pleasure their mind, body, and soul can experience or to simply experiment with the peck tides of your sexual desires is to include your clit.

Although it may seem like a taboo subject, if you are struggling to reach orgasm during sex or have never experienced it before then you should experiment with your body alone. Masturbation is a natural act, just as natural and normal as sex, and can be a great way to learn your inner desires. By experimenting with yourself you can discover what movements, touches, and positions turn you on and get you close to reaching the big O.

By masturbating and experimenting with your body on your own, you can actually contribute to improving both you and your partner’s sex life. When you learn what it is that turns you on and gets you to your climax, you can inform your partner and help them get you there during sex. Men find women who are in control of their own bodies and desires incredibly sexy and your partner will love to hear you talk about what turns you on.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants! But you do know much sex can loosen vagina?

Encourage your partner to stimulate your clitoris during foreplay and sexual intercourse, growing more experimental over time, or take control of your own body yourself and reach orgasm.