The Best Lubes For Your Vagina – Tips for Women

Perhaps every woman who cares about her health and fitness would find this piece about the best lube for the vagina helpful. It can help you in identifying which one out of the many out there is best for your body or why it might be necessary for you to use it. To cut the crap, it is highly indisputable that you might be in the best position to have the knowledge about your vagina and how capable it is to produce enough lube you will ever need during sex. However, do you also know that not everyone has the same type of privates as you? What pain do you think those without sufficient vagina lube face? They go through miseries such as irritation, pain, lack of confidence in having sex and if care is not taken, they end up developing a phobia for sex – that is Gynophobia. You will baffle at the statistics of women suffering from this and how they are likely to feel about sex at old age.

Now can you see why this article might be of great help to the womanhood? Can you see why you should understand the need for the best vagina lube?

The good news is all the things I’ve mentioned above have a simple solution – a lube. Yes, you heard me right!

When Does Vagina Lubrication Occur in Women?

First, lubrication most of the time occurs in women during sexual activities which come about as a result of sexual excitement and arousal. The amount of lubricant produced during this time differs from women to women. In some women, there might be a reduction in this amount due to either breastfeeding or post menopause and perimenopause. At times, it could also be as a result of dehydration or inability to become fully aroused during sex.

To get vaginal tightening cream, you can walk into any drugstore in your area or get it online from sex-related websites.

Why You May Need it?

There are different reasons for buying lube ranging from having vaginal sex with a partner or during masturbation. Apart from these, it can also be helpful for:

  • For enhancing your sexual arousal by aiding the free flow of blood to the Vulva, and this, in turn, will aid the vagina in producing its own lube.
  • Reducing the pain in the body as a result of friction.
  • Getting better taste during oral sex.
  • The elasticity and softness of the vagina.
  • Enhancing your sexual satisfaction and easy reach of orgasm.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Vagina Lubes

womanNow you’ve fully understood the need for the lube, and you’re curious to get one for yourself. What factors to consider when choosing lube?

There are two crucial factors you need to know to get the best vagina lube. The two things are your health and pleasure.

As regards to your health, consider what is safe for you to use that will not have a side effect on your health. For your pleasure, consider going for what will make your sexual activity more pleasant and lasting longer but will also not leave your body with irritation.


What are the Different Types?

The different types of vagina lube that you can find out there include silicone lubricants, Water-based lubricants, and petroleum or oil-based lubricants. The Water-based is sub-divided into Water-based with Glycerin and Water-based without Glycerin. Each of these types above is not without their pros and cons but what is most important is, whichever one you go for, check the ingredients and make sure it will not cause any damage to you or your partner. In all, be cautious about your safety and health we then recommend natural homecare vaginal care and tightening.


I am certain you must have gained one or two things from my article. Now you are good to go ahead and start getting the best vagina lube for your maximum sexual pleasure. But don’t forget to go for the best and make your priority your health and safety.

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