The 8 Best Types of Underwear for Women

woman in underwearIt is not only women that wear underwear – men wear it, too. However, the style and design of how they are made make it different. For ladies, it is best that they choose the right underwear to wear. It is because of this reason that there are different styles of underwear made by some of the most popular underwear designers of the world.

1. Mesh Bikini

The founding editor of Lucky, Kim France, she finds the mesh bikini to be the greatest and wonders why everyone else opts for a different design. It is super light, very breathable and even very resistant against VPL. It is as resistant like that of a thong, but minus the annoying part of the thong.

2. Amber Rose’s Thong

One thing that most women avoid is buying expensive stuff. Expensive can be subjective, but expensive thongs can be a huge no-no to some females. However, here is what experts would like to share with you, ladies of all ages out there: it gives you a different feeling of self-confidence when you wear something expensive, especially when it’s a thong. It provides you this kind of confidence in a cooler way.

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3. Cotton Bikini

A cotton bikini gives your bum a different feel. Unlike a pair of thongs that give you that boost in self-confidence, wearing cotton bikini makes you feel relaxed and calm. Many women shared their stories about how they had sleep over and wore the cotton bikini all the time.


4. Wedgie-free Bikini

There are women that prefer functionality and comfort over fancy. They are seamless undies in which it creates that very flawless fit and wouldn’t cause vagina smell, which is why it got its name as wedgie-free. Everything that looks on this underwear is perfect, which led to many girls thinking if they are wearing silk cami dress or leggings.

5. Lace boy shorts

lace shortsThese boy shorts with the detailed ornamental design on the laces are very comfortable and soft. This is perfect for those who do not wish to see any panty line on their skin!

6. Microfiber thong

Like many underwear manufacturers, this particular design is seamless and is available in various colors and sizes. Many women find these pair of microfiber thongs forgetful – in a way, that makes you think that you almost aren’t wearing anything.

7. G-string

thongAnother favorite style of women these days is the G-string. Of the most popular material choice, it is the cotton. They usually sit higher and generally makes any wearer feel and look good. It is also perfect for nighttime, but the brand of choice affects this style as ladies prefer to go with what makes them comfortable. It will affect the quality of their sleep, too.


8. Hi-waist Cotton

The high-waist cotton makes every wearer feel like they are brought back to the days of Christy Turlington, an American supermodel that first represented Eternity campaign from Calvin Klein back in 1989. Oftentimes, the hi-waist underwear is very comfy, but its cut can be very unflattering. However, experts state that today it resonates with women. The aesthetic is really beautiful, not to mention its cut is unconventional and flattering.